Stop-Motion Joke

Michael has been to MAKESHOP before.  His favorite thing to do is stop-motion animation.  He came in a couple of days ago and couldn’t find the stop-motion computer.  We move things around a lot in MAKESHOP, so I showed him where the computer was residing and he got right to work.  His first animation was about the “fiscal cliff,” but that footage was deleted by accident.  Undaunted, Michael began another animation that happened to reference one of my favorite TV shows, Cheers.  It took a lot of takes and experimentation to figure out how long to keep the speech bubbles on screen for the movie.  Thankfully, Michael has a lot of patience and didn’t get flustered when the animation didn’t turn out perfect.  Instead, he just deleted the clips and started all over again.

Our stop-motion animation program was written by our staff with special consideration to the needs of children. We purposefully designed the program so that the process of making a stop-motion animation film was clear and easily explained. Sometimes, the program is a bit glitchy, but visitors love it!


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