Art in Bloom


Art in Bloom is an event held by the Carnegie Museum of Art each year, when local people and organizations create floral arrangements inspired by and based on artwork at the museum. This year, Children’s Museum created an arrangement for the event. Ours was to be a companion piece for “Drain” by Robert Gober, a hand-crafted pewter drain set into the back wall of a room with nothing else in it.

Here in Pittsburgh, any excess rainwater can cause sewage overflow, which is a public health hazard, as well as pretty gross. Plants and gardens can help prevent this, by giving that extra water a place to go before it ends up in the sewer. Drains, water, and plant growth are all intricately tied together here. (Learn more!)

As part of the museum’s emphasis on sustainability, nearly everything in the arrangement was salvaged or reused from somewhere else. The pipes to hold the plants were purchased from a local secondhand building materials warehouse; the wooden box, plastic sides and pottery shards were donations or left over from previous museum projects; the small lights inside used wires and a switch taken from donated and dismantled electronics. We’d hope to use flowers from our museum garden, but the weather wasn’t cooperating. Jim from Green Sinner stepped in and saved the day, providing and arranging locally-grown plants.

– Rebecca


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