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At the beginning of June, MAKESHOP™ welcomed four Maker Corps members. This summer, you can find them working at Children’s  Museum of Pittsburgh and bringing MAKESHOP™ experiences on the road.  Through the Maker Education Initiative, they will engage children and families in creative projects, while gaining experience serving as leaders in the community.

Name/ Nickname: Sam

Favorite color: I find delight in light grey.

How long have you been working at Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh? Since the beginning of June.

When did you know you were a maker?  In the context of engineering, art, and craft, I have been making things since the earliest days I can remember.

Who or what influences what you make? Books have always been a source of inspiration for me.

What is the most important thing you’ve learned by working at the MAKESHOP™? That nothing is impossible. With dedication, creativity and some compromise, we can make anything!

 What do you not know how to do? Arduino, and I really want to learn!

When you are not in the MAKESHOP™, what do you do for fun? Read, bike, play Age of Empires, paint and watch movies. 

If you were a material or tool, what would you be? Swiss Army knife


You can view some of Sam’s work here.

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