Field Trip: CC Mellor Memorial Library


This summer my fellow Teaching Artists and I will be visiting schools and libraries all around Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas to conduct workshops, help teachers and generally having fun.  I have decided to document all of my adventures here on the blog.

My first trip was to the lovely CC Mellor Memorial Library in Edgewood.  I teach afterschool classes near this library, but I never have had a chance to visit.  In fact, I have never been in Edgewood before.  This visit was a real treat and got me geared up to visit places in Pittsburgh that I have never visited.


The library asked us to bring materials to help their patrons explore electricity.  I showed up at the library with a box full of batteries, circuit blocks, wires, motors, tools, lights, LEDs and more.  I didn’t know how many kids would show up or what age they would be, so I kept the exploration opportunities really open ended.  There was a lot to discover.


A small group of kids and parents tinkered with circuits and switches and made some really cool discoveries.  The most satisfying part was teaching the staff at the library some simple ways to explore electricity with kids.  I left them a little kit of materials to further explore and discover with kids on site.

That’s the point of our new Mobile MAKESHOP™ program – we want educators, librarians and community leaders to feel comfortable introducing their community to the joys of creating.  I had a lot of fun at the CC Mellor Memorial Library.

Thanks again to everyone who helped with and attended my first field trip this summer.



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