Pterodactyls, Superheroes and Light Houses…


Sometimes we end up with a theme within a theme in MAKESHOP.  In this case, our theme was “MAKESBURGH” (our community created cardboard city).  Within that theme emerged some other strange trends.  For some reason, the skies of MAKESBURGH became plagued with pterodactyls.  One young, imaginative visitor came up with an entire superhero to help keep MAKESBURGH safe.



CAT CREATURE!…who defends the city from his secret base the “CAT CAVE” located on the outskirts of town.  I absolutely love it when visitors get super invested in a project and really let their imaginations let loose.


On another note, the city also benefited from several electrical devices.  One of these being a working light house developed by MAKESBURGH veteran, Sam.


Sam built a miniature golf course for last year’s MAKESBURGH and visited the Museum from Ohio this summer just to add to our new city.  He added this awesome lighthouse that actually lit up!





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