Another Youth MAKE Night…


We held another Youth MakeNight for some of our teenage visitors a couple of weeks ago.  These events are so much fun.  As staff, we get to interact with an older demographic of children, and the group of teenagers get to visit the Museum without their parents.


We offered several different activities for the kids (sewing, pinball, circuits, etc.) and as usual, the kids created some activities of their own…Like a motorized ping pong ball launcher and a paper football game.  The most interesting activity of the night, for both me and the kids, was laser etching onto cookies.  We created edible artwork.  In short, we designed pictures, re-sized them in the computer, converted them into a picture that the laser cutter could understand, and then watched the laser cutter burn images onto a cookie.


It is hard to explain but really exciting to see…and eat.

Thanks again to everyone who attended this Youth MakeNight and helped us experiment with our new laser cutter in fun and interesting ways.



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