Field Trip: Shaler Elementary


Nick (one of our Maker Corps Members) and I got to spend a couple of hours at Shaler Elementary solving a lot of woodworking problems alongside amazing and diligent students.  The kids got the chance to experience all of the tools we had brought, along with safe techniques to use them properly.  After a lengthy orientation with the tools and processes, the kids were given the freedom to create whatever their hearts desired.


All of the student were older (at least 10 and up) and the tool orientation really helped them understand the importance of clamps, safety goggles and pilot holes.  No one got frustrated when something did not work.  Instead, we all collectively brainstormed solutions, we made mistakes and most of all, we had fun.


Thanks to the teachers that helped us and the amazing kids who created some awesome projects.  Big thanks to Shaler Elementary for letting us come and visit.



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