Pirates, Catapults, and Pedal Carts!

Onlookers watch how far the pitching machine can "throw."


Two visitors help assemble our pirate pedal-cart catapult

We’re working on an exciting new project at MAKESHOP: A Catapult!

Normally we don’t make war machines, but this one has been repurposed for FUN. Our design is based on the trebuchet, a sling-based counterweight-powered type of catapult originally invented in the 11th century. We’re building this crazy thing to throw the first pitch for the Pirates game on September 1st! Check out the Rookie of the Gear  programming and come out and help!


Our catapult frame.  It didn’t look like much at first…

Recently, we’ve constructed the catapult part! Here it is in action!

Amy is an educator and artist that works with weaving, dyeing, and installation. At her small business, The Dear Dyery, she creates hand-made accessories and wearables that she sews and dyes.

Amy learned how to knit and sew as a preteen and was instantly hooked. Since then, she’s been taking art and craft classes, and showing her friends how to create simple projects. Naturally this led to becoming the Coordinator / Teaching Artist at the MAKESHOP.
For the last two years, she’s been teaching kids how to hand sew and use the sewing machine, and has even had a crash course in electronics!

Outside of MAKESHOP she can be found teaching tot yoga, or caring for her three pets: Piper and Greta, the house rabbits, and Cashew, her 1 year old lab/ collie mix. Amy has a MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art in Fibers.

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