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At the beginning of June, MAKESHOP™ welcomed four Maker Corps Members. This summer, you can find them working at Children’s  Museum of Pittsburgh and bringing MAKESHOP™ experiences on the road.  Through theMaker Education Initiative, they will engage children and families in creative projects, while gaining experience serving as leaders in the community.  Meet Lauren, who will be entering her last year at CMU and returning this fall as an intern!


Name/ Nickname: Lauren

Favorite color: Purple

How long have you been working at Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh? 3 months

When did you know you were a maker?

I never really identified myself as a “maker” until I came to the museum, but I have always been interested in trying new and different things.

Who or what influences what you make?

The internet.  I am always looking at people’s blogs and such for interesting ideas.  Also, the people around me, whether it be friends, family, coworkers, teachers, also have a big influence on the things I make or do.

What is the most important thing you’ve learned by working at the MAKESHOP?

The most important thing that I have learned from working in the MAKESHOP is that before asking a question, give yourself extra time to try and think through the problem in front of you.

What do you not know how to do?

I am not very good at computers/software, but I am not going to let that keep me from figuring them out!

When you are not in the MAKESHOP, what do you do for fun?

I like to be outside: rowing on the Allegheny, biking, going for evening walks, eating ice cream on my front porch while watching thunderstorms go by…

If you were a material or tool, what would you be?

I would definitely be string. Or yarn.  Maybe thread…

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