More Magnets?


As usual we are always prototyping or experimenting with something new (or old) in MAKESHOP.  This particular day we decided to continue our exploration of magnets.  Magnets are something that really seems to intrigue the entire staff of MAKESHOP.


I found some plastic tanks in the basement and decided to them to create some new magnetic prototypes.  We tried to create a circuit puzzle that required you to use a magnet to form a switch with a metal ball.  This experiment did not work too well and visitors did not really enjoy playing with it.


It was also really hard getting a metal ball bearing out of another of our magnet exhibits to use for the circuit puzzle.  It took three of us to pry open our magnet tank and scoop the metal ball out with another magnet.


Our second experiment involved a tank of water, some extremely fine metal shavings and a magnet.  It was surprisingly fun manipulating the shavings in the water with the magnet.



Visitors and staff alike spent the rest of the day playing with this prototype.




Now we’ll just have to wait and see how rusty the water gets.  I can only guess what idea we come up with next.



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