Open Source PinBall

Christian built a pinball machine…  Well, he built a box with a ramp out of pegboard. The rest of our staff really helped turn it into a full-fledged pinball machine.

We encouraged visitors to add their own obstacles, ramps, scoring systems, etc.


This open-source pinball machine is my favorite new toy in MAKESHOP (sorry laser cutter). The additions to it are endless. The way the machine encourages trial and error is amazing. There is a lot of “cause and effect” going on.




Editor’s Note: The pinball machine went through a lot of changes since it was first built over the summer, and even more since our very first stab at something like this, way back in 2011 before MAKESHOP was even open! It’s a great example of how a good idea can take on a life of its own.

Most recently it was re-purposed again, this time to be a pantograph… but that will have to be another blog post!


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