Field Trip: Braddock Library


The Braddock Library is an amazing place.  The building is beautiful, the staff is extremely friendly and the patrons are awesome.  I was lucky enough to visit the library twice this summer and teach two workshops: one woodworking and one electronics.  The woodworking workshop had about twenty kids participate and all of them created something original.  One girl simply spent a half and hour sawing a huge board in half.  She was determined and very proud of herself when she finished.

The electronics workshop was fun, too.  A teenager and I built a simple motorized robot and attached markers to it.  We also took apart some headphones and learned about the circuit inside of them.  The librarian found this extremely helpful; apparently their computer headphones break all the time.

I was also given a tour of the library, which is currently under a lot of construction.  They are converting the old swimming pool into a theatre.  They are also refurbishing their already amazing music hall.

Thanks again to all the great people at the Braddock Library.



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