Maker BBQ


I get to do a lot of fun things for the Museum. I recently got the chance to attend a Maker BBQ hosted by Hive Pittsburgh which is part of the Kids + Creativity Network. I spent a night at Pittsburgh’s Tech Shop hanging out with a bunch of teenagers.


Everyone involved was teaching or demonstrating something digital: 3D modeling, programming etc.  I decided to bring along some computers and let kids play with SCRATCH (a free computer programming program).  I also let attendees play with some LEGO motors and sensors along with a Makey Makey.


Everyone had a lot of fun making music videos with Nina Barbuto from Assemble.


I was amazed how much fun everyone had with the circuit blocks I brought along.  These were probably the least “technological” things at the event.  But the teens and parents really enjoyed playing with something a little more physical.  There were a couple of families that spent a lot of time creating a machine that turned itself off (which eventually turned into a paper clip catapult) using the circuit blocks.

This event was a lot of fun to attend.



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