Educator Boot Camp

Over the summer MAKESHOP held a week long “bootcamp” for educators, including teachers, librarians and other community members. This was a week long professional development that coupled discussions with hands-on workshops. The educators learned how to sew, build circuits, tinker, explore and question. They learned about the importance of clamps and how to create simple computer programs.

As a final activity the attendees were put into groups and given three pieces of paper, each with a “process”, “tool”, or “material” written on it. The groups had to create something that contained all of those things. The groups were given free reign throughout MAKESHOP to put their skills to the test as they created something unique and interesting.

We asked the groups to share their projects with the group at the end of the session. Below are a series of videos of their presentations.

Thanks to all the great makers that attended our Educator Bootcamp.




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