MAKESHOP MAKEover 3rd Edition: Crafton Elementary


Here is another site for our Mobile MAKESHOP program, Crafton Elementary. We are working with several sites this year to help develop a workshop space or simply introduce the ideas and practices of “making” in different environments. Crafton is a perfect space for one of these Mobile MAKESHOP sites. The school has been experimenting with hands-on learning for a while. The teachers and administration understand the importance of learning by doing. Hopefully the Museum can help the school go further in that direction.


The school has a great classroom that has been converted into a workshop for teachers and kids to use. The space is seen as a place where teachers can expand their curriculum or prototype new ideas for their students. The workshop space also gives teachers a chance to collaborate on projects and share ideas.


Thanks to Crafton Elementary for letting the Museum help with the creation of their “maker” space.


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