Allen’s Car


Here is a great example of how a visitor can really come prepared to MAKESHOP. Allen visits the Museum a lot and although there are lots of things to play with at the Museum he sometimes brings his own toys as well. During this particular visit his toys completely inspired him to create something in MAKSHOP. He wanted to make a car for his pirate toys to ride around in.


We spent a really long time building a car out of recycled materials. We had to try out a couple different types of wheels before we could get the car rolling. We also had to measure using the toys to create a seat that they could fit in.


Allen’s mom created a simple seatbelt using a rubber band to keep the toys safe while they drove around in the car. This was a fun project to work on because we had a problem (the toys needed a car to ride in) to solve. Having a problem is just as good, if not better, than having a specific idea. A problem can lead to a lot of ideas.


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