8-Track Scarf


We have a loom in MAKESHOP and we typically let visitors add to scarves made with different colors of yarn.  It is really cool to have a machine like our loom in MAKESHOP that people can interact with while contributing to a larger project.  Every once and a while we try a little experiment with our loom.  Whether that’s dying the yarn, weaving with plastic or electrical wires or simply changing the width of the scarf.  Well I had the idea to do something a little retro.  I thought that it would be cool to weave a scarf using either VHS tape or cassette tape.  I wasn’t sure if this material would work but I figured that it was worth a try.


First I needed to acquire cassette tapes or VHS tapes.  By coincidence I needed to find some old records for an unrelated craft project (cupcake holders for my wedding).  While at the Attic Record Store in Millvale looking for records that they might be throwing out I decided to ask if they had any old cassette tapes that they were looking to get rid of.  The owner of the store pointed me in the direction of their back alley and said that I might find what I need back there.  I explained to them that we would be making a scarf out of the tape.  I am not sure if they quite understood what I meant by that.


Lo and behold I found the records I needed along with several boxes of 8track tapes.  Score!


The 8-track tapes worked great in our loom.  In fact the plastic shell of the tape worked pretty well as a shuttle to help weave the material through.  In only a matter of days had we completed a finished scarf with the help of our dedicated staff and visitors.  History meets history with this project, an old school loom with an old school scarf.


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