Making a Collaborative Quilt

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Over the last couple weeks, MAKESHOP began a quilting project. Everyone was invited to create a 5×5 inch square to add to our collaborative quilt. It has been a fun opportunity to learn all kinds of sewing techniques: from learning to thread a needle to operating a sewing machine.

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The response has been amazing; it looks like it’s going to be a big quilt!

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There are so many different ways to embellish each square of fabric. We have tried embroidering, applique, and sewing on buttons. Some people have enjoyed using words or recognizable imagery- while others have taken a more abstract approach.

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Join us on Fred Roger’s Day, March 20, for a quilting bee! We will be joining the pieces of the quilt together for our final result, which will be hung in MAKESHOP.

by: Katie

I create things with my hands- from hand-sewn projects and embroideries to re-purposing vintage buttons into jewelry. I love figuring out how things work, how to make things, and sharing that knowledge. When I'm not in MAKESHOP, you can find me exploring parks in Pittsburgh, making jewelry or creating ridiculous cakes.
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