Physics in Motion

A couple of weeks ago we let our visitors explore ramps on a very large scale. We cleared out a large space in MAKESHOP and let adults and kids explore with cardboard tubes, tape and ping pong balls. Photos don’t really do this activity justice. Below are several videos highlighting some of the more interesting creations during our ramp experiment.

This was a ramp that I assembled with the help of several kids. We really wanted to make a system that allowed the ball to go around the corner of the pegboard.

The videos above and below highlight a ramp system that incorporated a pulley mechanism and one of our tables. A father and son spent a long time creating a ramp that would bring the ball back to you under the table.

Derek had the idea for the creation in the above and below videos. We turned some plastic chain, clamps, tape,  gears and a “taken apart motorized baby rocker” into a machine that would allow visitors to lift a ball high into the air and then watch it descend through a series of ramps. We are still working on making this prototype more fun.



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