Too Many Shoes?


I’ve always said that solving problems is one of the most important parts of being a maker. It is a lot of fun to solve a problem by making something. That is essentially how an inventor thinks. If you are tired of sitting on the ground then why not build a chair? If you your chair isn’t comfortable then you can always sew a cushion.

My problem was too many shoes in my closet at home. I could have easily bought a shoe rack at a store. Here’s what we did instead:




We gathered some scrap pieces of wood and purchased wood as well. We got our tools – in this case a power drill, saw, level, sand paper, tape measure and screws. At the Museum we have a lot of scrap wood lying around so mistakes are OK. But at home you might really need to take care to know that you have purchased or found the right amount of wood for the project. It also helps to make a sketch and estimate some of your measurements (these measurements may change due to the wood that you can find or how long your screws are).



In this digital age that we live in it is pretty easy to look up a set of instructions on how to build anything. We always stress originality in MAKESHOP and that ideal has made its way into my home life as well.  I find it’s a lot more fun to write up or sketch your own set of instructions. This idea can be a little daunting but a project built from scratch is extremely rewarding.

Oh, and a nice coat of paint helps as well. Any mistakes you made during the building process can always be covered up by a little paint.


I am proud of our creation and I am even more proud of the extra room in our bedroom closet.


Kevin is a teacher by trade. He loves dinosaurs, sloths and magnets.

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