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IMG_0567 MAKESHOP goes through a lot of materials (fabric, recycled objects, etc.) every week.  You would think that we would run out of stuff but no; we probably have more stuff in our storage space in the Museum’s basement than in the actual MAKSESHOP.  The motto of the Museum might as well be “We Never Throw Anything Away”.

Our storage space recently got a fabulous makeover due to some very uniform magazine boxes and a handy labeling system.  Any maker space is going to need consumable materials along with whatever else you might collect (old electronics, example projects, tools, etc.).  It is extremely beneficial for your space to have an organized system of storing these materials.

Hopefully our new system will allow us to find some new/old stuff in the basement that we can incorporate into future MAKESHOP projects and programs.  I am sure that we can think of new uses for two boxes of 8 tracks.


PS, from Rebecca: We love donations!! And now that we have such an organized space, we can accept even more! (Sorry, Kevin.) Check out the FAQ for info on what we’re looking for.

Kevin is a teacher by trade. He loves dinosaurs, sloths and magnets.

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