Stuffed Animal Care & Repair

April was a month of care & repair in MAKESHOP. Lots of stuffed animals and dolls were cared for and repaired.

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Some of our guests brought in stuffed animals from home that needed some TLC. MAKESHOP also had a collection of toys that had seen better days.

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This was a great opportunity to explore sewing. As always, we had visitors that had never sewn before, all the way to very experienced sewers. There were a variety of stuffed animal repairs for all.

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Some stuffed animals came in to our Stuffed Animal Hospital in pretty bad shape — but as expert stuffed animal doctors, we were prepared for anything.

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We were also prepared to work on sewing techniques with new, visiting doctors.  Many heart surgeries, corrective surgeries and sutures were performed.


Our patients all went home well taken care of and with lots of love.

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I create things with my hands- from hand-sewn projects and embroideries to re-purposing vintage buttons into jewelry. I love figuring out how things work, how to make things, and sharing that knowledge. When I'm not in MAKESHOP, you can find me exploring parks in Pittsburgh, making jewelry or creating ridiculous cakes.
  1. Dawne Blazevich Reply

    Did you repair. Teddy bear for me? I know it was Etsy stuffed zoo.

  2. Baby Sloth Stuffed Animal Reply

    This is this the cutest blog post, i visited ever. Love all wonderful images.

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