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I recently had the opportunity to teach two workshops at an event for girls interested in science hosted at Robert Morris University. As usual I gave the kids minimal instruction and then allowed them a large amount of time to explore the materials and components. They were given the chance to make something — anything — out of recycled materials, motors and batteries.


This group of girls really took this activity to heart. They made some amazing things using these simple materials. There were cars (one that drove slowly backwards that we dubbed the “snail”), spinning purple fans, “playdough-bot” (which could draw pictures), “ski-bot” and so much more.


There were a lot of good ideas and a lot of problems to solve during the workshops. The best idea was to take all of the “bots” to the gym and let them move around on the basketball court. Below is video of one of the cars driving around the gym while its creator chases after it.



People who say that science isn’t for girls should have attended this event. Science is for everyone. This was such a great event. Thanks to Robert Morris University for letting me visit campus and play all day.






Kevin is a teacher by trade. He loves dinosaurs, sloths and magnets.

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