Animation at Youth Maker Night

We spent our last Youth Maker Night exploring the process of stop-motion animation. We set up a lot of different “animation stations” throughout MAKESHOP. Some of them utilized an iPad app called iMotionHD. Another used an original computer program designed by one of our Exhibits Technicians. And another used a traditional camera and tripod. A group of teens decided to animate a couple of simple, wooden tiles roaming around the entire exhibit. Below is an excerpt from their collective animation

Animating the circuit blocks to turn themselves on was a lot of fun. It is nice having the freedom to film in different locations in the space. Typically we do not have the luxury of moving a camera around on a tripod while the general public is in MAKESHOP. But our Youth Maker Nights allow us much more time and space to explore some of our familiar activities in new ways.

Please chcek our Calendar for more information on upcoming Youth Maker Nights at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh

-Kevin Goodwin

Kevin is a teacher by trade. He loves dinosaurs, sloths and magnets.

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