Mammoths in MAKESHOP


Throughout the month of July we have explored different ways to make puppets. At our latest Youth Maker Night we had some tools out for machine sewing and hand sewing in case anyone was interested in making a puppet. The discovery of a large piece of brown, furry fabric lead two boy to the idea of making Wooly Mammoth puppets.


The two boys working on this project got the chance to learn a bunch of sewing techniques. We first brainstormed what the puppets would look like and what features we would need to add. Then we made sure to cut the fabric to fit over the boys hands. The boys then hand sewed eyes, ears, tusks and trunks onto the body of the puppet.


Then they got the chance to use the sewing machine to finish up some of the stitching. These were fun projects to be a part of. I really enjoy it when a certain material, like a furry piece of fabric, helps determine a final product.



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-Kevin Goodwin

Kevin is a teacher by trade. He loves dinosaurs, sloths and magnets.

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