Lots of Noise



The month of June was entirely sound themed in MAKESHOP. We built instruments, programmed digital pianos and drums, hosted a guitar making workshop, and more. Most of all we made a lot of noise. Visitors had a lot of fun exploring the different instruments. The older kids were able to construct their own musical inventions as well as help with the construction of a large, collective drum kit. Little kids simply had fun banging on the drums and ringing the bells. There was something for everyone. We probably should have made ear plugs too (we probably have stuff to make plastic molds in the basement)


Instead of making ear plugs we decided to make a music video using all of our newly created instruments. We set up a camera and a computer to edit the footage on. The video contains mostly footage of Lauren and I. But there are cameos by the “rock n’ roll baby” and another one of our regular visitors to MAKESHOP. We filmed ourselves playing the instruments and then let kids edit the clips by changing the speed (making slower or faster), reversing the footage (which is always entertaining) and by simply arranging the order of the video.



Below is our finished product.  Enjoy.

Thanks to everyone who helped contribute to this digital making project.



Kevin is a teacher by trade. He loves dinosaurs, sloths and magnets.

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