Maker Faire Detroit 2014

During the last weekend in July, six students (three from the Children’s Museum’s YouthALIVE! afterschool program and three from Assemble‘s Make It! after school program) boarded a train leaving Pittsburgh for Toledo, Ohio. Their final destination? Maker Faire Detroit, located at The Henry Ford museum in Dearborn, Michigan.

Maker Faires take place all over the world, and some consider them to be “the greatest show and tell on earth.” People who like to create and invent things, use things in new ways, and do things themselves gather at Maker Faires to share with and inspire each other.

There were lots of neat things to look at and try at Maker Faire Detroit. Daja, one of MAKESHOP’s youth makers, rode a dicyle, which is like a bicycle, except the wheels are side by side.

Daja riding a dicycle.

There were Mentos and Coke explosions, hovercrafts, a life-size Mouse Trap, Muppets and Stormtroopers walking around, a giant lamb made out of egg cartons, a Fart-O-Matic 3000, and even a rainbow at the very end of the weekend! Check out the slideshow above to see more photos of our adventures.

Molly joined the MAKESHOP team in November 2013.

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