My two favorite things…


The above photo is a nice visual representation of two of my favorite things happening at once in MAKESHOP. There are a bunch of educators in our workshop and we are making circuit blocks. I love it when the Museum hosts any event or professional development that involves other educators. Earlier in the month of August we held another of our Maker Educator Bootcamps. This bootcamp was a week long event that gave educators from around the country a chance to get ideas and learn skills that would help them bring a little (or a lot) of creativity into their schools, libraries, museums and community centers.

I got the chance to teach this group the “ins and outs” of making a simple set of circuit blocks. I really enjoy making circuit blocks.


Not only were the teachers learning skills on how to construct the blocks they were also learning how to create something for someone else to play with. That’s the amazing thing about circuit blocks; you can use them to learn about electricity. But you can also use them (and the construction of them) to learn about prototyping, design, trial and error, scaffolding, accessibility, and many other aspects of the world of education. Oh, and did I mention that making circuit blocks is also really fun?


I think the smiles on these adults’ faces say more than I can in words.



The entire week of our Educator Bootcamp was a ton of fun. Like I said before, I always enjoy it when the Museum is full of teachers.


For more information on Educator Professional Development opportunities at MAKESHOP, take a look at the Educators & Professionals page which we’ll be adding resources to throughout the autumn.



Kevin is a teacher by trade. He loves dinosaurs, sloths and magnets.

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