MAKESHOP visits the Strip District


On August 2nd, I got the chance to attend a “Maker Party” at the Society for Contemporary Craft located in Pittsburgh’s historic Strip District. First off I must say that the SCC is an amazing space (I had actually never been there before). There are classroom spaces along with gallery and exhibit space with lots of different art on display. If you are ever in the Strip District I highly recommend that you take a peak inside just to see how lovely of a space this is.


Now onto the Maker Party.  What is a “Maker Party” anyways? In this case it was a bunch of Pittsburgh organizations and artists coming together to give the general public a chance to try out some cool things, discuss creative ideas and have some fun on a sunny Saturday afternoon. I was given the choice to bring anything I wanted to the party from MAKESHOP. I was on the fence between bring tools and fabric for sewing or bringing some of our stop-motion animation stuff. There were already going to be several other digital making experiences at the party so I decided to be a little more traditional by bringing along needles, thread, scissors and a bunch of fabric.



The visitors to the event had a great time learning how to sew. There was even one little baby who had an amazing time just playing with the box of fabric. I had several kids spend a pretty long time sewing different projects. The kids (and adults) also got the chance to learn about Scratch and Makey Makey from some of our friends at Assemble. People were making movies, puppets and a whole bunch of other things at the various stations around the gallery space.


All of the participants were given bandannas to wear. I opted to not wear mine.


Instead, I sewed into a very nice pouch.


The Maker Party was a lot of fun. I would like to thank the Society for Contemporary Craft for hosting us and for letting me “hack” their bandanna into sewing project.



Kevin is a teacher by trade. He loves dinosaurs, sloths and magnets.

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