Throughout the month of August we built our very own Skyworld. We have made cardboard cities and underwater aquariums but never a world in the sky. What would a Skyworld need? What would be the preferred mode of transportation? Where would people live, eat and work? A lot of these questions were answered throughout the month as visitors added their own creations to Skyworld.

We were able to get our Exhibits Team to rig a couple of hanging beams from the ceiling in MAKESHOP so that we could suspend people projects in an organized manner. Some of the projects are sewn, but most are just made using recycled materials and tape.

Below are a couple of examples of what resides in Skyworld.


I love how friendly the moon in Skyworld looks.


Here is a great example of one of Skyworld’s many floating islands.


You can’t have a Skyworld with out a few hot air balloons.


It is always nice to give visitors a theme to expand upon. Just giving someone a bunch of materials and asking them to create something out of nothing can be daunting. Having a prompt like, “add something to Skyworld,” or a question like, “what do you think the residents of Skyworld need?” helps give visitors an initial idea that they can then take in any direction they like. Henry enjoyed greeting visitors by asking, “Where is your passport? How did you get to Skyworld today?” to get them into the mood.


I wonder where our next big recycled project will take place; in the past, the future, space, another dimension? The possibilities are endless.



Kevin is a teacher by trade. He loves dinosaurs, sloths and magnets.

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