Another Youth Maker Night, Another Awesome Animation

We held another of our Youth Maker Nights on August 1st. It seems to be running theme now that a couple of the kids are going to spend time making a stop-motion movie during the night. Above is another example of a very well crafted animation created by three friends. Stop-motion animation is always popular at Youth Maker Night. I think it might be the fact that you get to work together as a team while doing. It also helps that you can hold a piece of pizza while doing it too.


Throughout the night there were a lot of other things seemingly created out of nothing. There were some extremely elaborate structures made out our wooden blocks. I am not sure if the above picture is supposed to either be a suspension bridge or a wooden hammock.


There were a couple of shopbots/drawbots created during the night.


Of course the circuit blocks were also out for the kids to explore. The circuit block table is always a prime hangout space during Youth Maker Night.


We had a guest maker, Anya Weitzman, come to the event to show the kids how to make wax molds. They spent a lot of the night with their fingers and hands covered in wax.


Overall it was an exciting Youth Maker Night filled with wax, electronics, sculptures and pizza.

Our next 10+ night will be on October 3rd. You can also join the 10+ Event Mailing List for email updates and announcements!



Kevin is a teacher by trade. He loves dinosaurs, sloths and magnets.