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The end of August brings a lot of visitors to the Museum who are trying to get one last fun activity out of their summer vacation.  With this particular family they decided to get two activities out of the end of their vacation.  Allison and her father were visiting Pittsburgh from Buffalo and happened to stop by MAKESHOP during their stay.  Allison spent a long time designing and sewing a really nice change purse.  She even sewed a liner into the purse.  This change purse was sewn entirely by hand.  Allison and her dad had a really fun time hanging out in MAKESHOP.  We talked about Buffalo (where I am also from).  I always enjoy meeting fellow Buffalo Bills fans.


To my surprise, Allison and her dad showed up again the very next day.  They had told me that they were heading back to Buffalo.  They had decided to stay in Pittsburgh an extra day to come back to visit MAKESHOP to sew another project.  This time we decided to try our hand at using the sewing machine to make a bigger version of the change purse/pocket they had made the previous day.  Again they chose their fabric and figured out the design.  We then started construction of the pocket.  In the end her dad thought that the pocket might be the right size for their tablet.  It turns out it was.  Its funny how sometimes you don’t realize that you are designing and creating something for a specific purpose.


It was really great to see Allison and her dad again.  It is good to know that we provide a space in which visitors feel engaged enough to return on a day to day basis to work on a project.  Allison and her dad were a joy to work with.  I hope that Allison keeps on designing fabulous textile projects in the future.



Kevin is a teacher by trade. He loves dinosaurs, sloths and magnets.

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