Camp MAKESHOP: Fiber & Wearables


We talk a lot about attachment in MAKESHOP. What is the best way to attach something? How can you make a secure attachment? Tape, staples, nails, chains, rope… THREAD! On the fourth day of Camp MAKESHOP, we worked with textiles, wearables and attachment through sewing with thread.

What is the most nail-biting portion of a reality TV show? When the hosts throw the contestants for a loop! The morning portion of our day was dedicated to making something to wear- created with non-textile based materials. Andddd… participate in a fashion show in the theater.

The results were great.


Our campers worked hard with materials like: tape, cardboard, boxes, plastic and string.


Some participants enjoyed using team work in large groups making a more collaborative piece.


After our designers had finished creating their wearable items, we made our way to the Theater. We asked our designers to tell us a bit about their creations after walking across the stage.




We took a brief break before lunch to run around in Cloud Arbor in Buhl Park across from the Museum. The images are too good to not share!





In the afternoon, we worked on sewing using a needle and thread. Our campers came to us with a variety of skill sets. We began with basic needle threading and knotting techniques. One of the best parts was having more experienced sewers mentor those who hadn’t sewn before.


The projects that were made ranged from a double pocket belt to an embroidered turtle to bags and EVERYWHERE in between!


It was a fantastic day full of creating, sewing and learning!

I create things with my hands- from hand-sewn projects and embroideries to re-purposing vintage buttons into jewelry. I love figuring out how things work, how to make things, and sharing that knowledge. When I'm not in MAKESHOP, you can find me exploring parks in Pittsburgh, making jewelry or creating ridiculous cakes.

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