Camp MAKESHOP: In Summary

And so Camp MAKESHOP came to an end.

At the end of the week we asked the kids to fill out a survey. They asked for less time for lunch and more time for making. More projects, more days, more woodworking, more 3D printing – and a couple along the lines of the very flattering, “I don’t think it can be improved.”


“I really liked this camp I met some really nice kids and grownups i hope this camp goes on for a long time so other kids can enjoy the camp i had a great a great time at i hope to come back next year”

We completely agree — it was a blast, and we got a great group. Thanks to the awesome kids and parents involved this summer. We hope you come visit us again, and update us on any making projects you’re working on!!

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A boy sits with his recycled materials project in a large room

Rebecca has been a MAKESHOP intern, educator, Teaching Artist and Manager. She's also been a graphic designer, costume shop manager, shoe salesperson, and hair stand-in for Fabio.

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