Youth Make Night Guest Maker: Anya Weitzman

Sometimes we’re lucky enough to have special guest makers come to share cool processes with us for our Youth Make nights, which are exclusively for older kids (10+). For our August edition of Youth Make, Anya Weitzman showed us how to make replica body parts out of chocolate through a process called life casting.

A cast is a product of pouring something liquid into a mold, which is an empty space that makes a shape. If you pour water into an ice cube tray (a mold), freeze it, and pull an ice cube out, you’ve made a cast. During Youth Make, visitors got to make a mold of their body parts by using clean paintbrushes to spread warm wax over them. Once the wax cooled and hardened, they gently slid the wax mold off—making sure it kept its shape—and then put melted chocolate in it. After a dip in an ice bath, the chocolate formed into a replica of a body part!

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You can find more tips on chocolate casting (including some different recipes!) here:
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