Art Conference + Sewing = ???


pumpkin embroidery

In September, Pittsburgh hosted the Arts and Education Partnership National Forum (AEPF). Our executive director, Jane Werner, was asked to speak at the Forum and we were asked to have an accompanying table with a small taste of what goes on in MAKESHOP. We brought along a lot of example projects, wooden joinery blocks, circuit blocks, soldering tools, etc. We also brought along a lot of sewing materials. The plan was to talk with the participants in between presentations about what goes on in MAKESHOP and give people a chance to play around with the different tools and materials. I was not expecting that several of the participants would actually want to borrow some of the sewing tools and materials for the entire day. Of course I obliged these educators and let them take some thread, fabric, needles and embroidery hoops. I told them that they had to come back and show me what they made at the end of the day.


“Art Matters” embroidery

What they came back with was amazing.


flower embroidery

Thanks again to all the folks who took the time to speak with us at the AEPF Conference and thanks again to those who used our sewing tools and materials throughout the day.



Kevin is a teacher by trade. He loves dinosaurs, sloths and magnets.

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