Club Make

This year, YouthALIVE!, our after school program for middle school students, got a new name: Club Make. Students who participate in Club Make come to the MAKESHOP after school three days a week to work on projects with the help of mentors.

During the first week of Club Make, the Club Makers wanted to make tutus—so we made it happen! We already had lots of fabric that worked well for tutus. One kind of fabric is called tulle (pronounced just like “tool”), which has lots of holes that you can see easily (instead of the tiny holes in regular fabric that you need a pointy needle to find), like a net. The Makers used white and pink tulle and some thick yarn to sew their skirts together. They had to measure how much yarn and fabric they would need for the skirts to fit each of  their bodies, so they had to do a lot of thinking and planning throughout their process. In the end, the tutus looked great!

Three Makers show off the tutus they made during the first week of Club Make.

Next, the Makers began designing and assembling boxes to hold the projects they’ll make throughout the year. The began by making their own name logos—designs that can go on their boxes so everybody will know which box belongs to whom. Some people laser cut their name logos, while others chiseled theirs into wood. One person even represented her name logo in beads!

Stay tuned for more updates on their projects.

Molly joined the MAKESHOP team in November 2013.

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