Gabe and the Dragon


Gabe working on the dragon

Throughout the winter months we have been doing a lot of medieval themed programming in MAKESHOP.  We made capes and crowns and castles.  The one thing we were missing was a dragon.  So one morning I decided that I was going to make one out of cardboard.  I was just about finished with the head and neck of the dragon when a teenager named Gabe stepped into the workshop.  I invited him to help me work on the dragon.  He immediately said yes.


a sketch of our dragon

We got to work on the rest of the dragon together over the next couple of hours.  We used cardboard to construct the body parts and tape, brass brads, string and glue to hold all of the pieces together.  We got the chance to talk about a lot of things during this project; from high school to video games.  At one point Gabe confessed to me that he had expected to have no fun at all during his visit to the Museum.  He felt that he was far too old for the Children’s Museum.  But he quickly changed his mind about all that once I asked him to help with the dragon project.


Rebecca giving the dragon a hug

Gabe had a blast building the dragon and I really enjoyed having him hang out for so long in MAKESHOP.  Before he left Gabe asked about how one goes about getting a job in a place like MAKESHOP?  I told him that you needed to be eighteen to work here but I also gave him some information about our teenage volunteer program.  Our Volunteen! program is an extremely rewarding experience.  More information about the program can be found here.


the finished dragon

I would really like to thank Gabe for helping with the dragon project.  You are never too old to have fun at the Museum.



Kevin is a teacher by trade. He loves dinosaurs, sloths and magnets.

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