MAKESHOP through the eyes of a four year old


one of our teaching artists, Derek, striking a pose

Soren is four years old and he visits MAKESHOP on a weekly basis. He is really interested in exploring everything that MAKESHOP has to offer. A couple of weeks ago Cori, a member of the Museum’s New Media Department, was testing out a new camera in MAKESHOP. As with everything, Soren was really interested in exploring the camera. The camera was built pretty tough and didn’t have to many buttons or options so Cori decided to let Soren test it out. What follows are a series of pictures taken from the perspective of a four year old.


A close up of the pedals on our loom


What the materials on our sewing table look like to a four year old


What the inside of our PVC connectors look like

I have always enjoyed letting kids take their turn at documenting an activity or photographing a space.  You usually get pretty interesting perspectives based on their interests and their height.



Kevin is a teacher by trade. He loves dinosaurs, sloths and magnets.

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