Putting the “artist” in Teaching Artist


Although our friend and long-time facilitator, Kevin, has moved on to the world of formal education and classroom teaching, his legacy lives on both in MAKESHOP and on our blog! Check out these great photos he left for us from Art All Night, a 24-hour art show this past spring, open to anybody and everybody. Kevin and his drawbots made some beautiful art during the evening:

IMG_2566 IMG_2580IMG_2567 IMG_2568 IMG_2569 IMG_2571   IMG_2574 IMG_2575  IMG_2584


As a bonus, here are some other robot-art pieces he’s created with young people:


Kevin is a teacher by trade. He loves dinosaurs, sloths and magnets.
  1. Jess Reply

    Awesome work, Kevin! I’ve never seen anyone use drawbots on canvas before. It really feels more like an art piece that way, not just a fun craft project.

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