Bows, a little closer.

Kevin mentioned this project and I thought I’d go into a little more depth, because I’m a nut for archery. When I was a kid I made all sorts of bows. Some out of yardsticks that snapped immediately (to my parents’ irritation) some out of sticks that did the same, and eventually more sophisticated ones out of bamboo, pvc, and metal. A few days ago Andrew came up and said he wanted to make a bow. At f
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MAKESHOP Guest: Leah Beuchley

This week Leah Buechley came to visit! It was exciting. A little introduction: Leah Buechley was a major contributor to the development of the Lilypad Arduino, and is a professor at the MIT Media Lab . Her research group… “…integrates high and low technological materials, processes, and cultures. Our primary aim is to engage diverse audiences in designing and building their own technologies by situating c
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