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Craft Stick Explosions

The staff of the MAKESHOP loves to have fun with our visitors. A couple of weeks ago, a bunch of us were introduced to a project known as a “Craft Stick Explosion.” We were trying to do some simple weaving with craft sticks for some of our younger visitors. We discovered a project that allows you to weave craft sticks together and then cause them to “explode” through an interesting chain react
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Persistent Sculptures

A couple of days ago a brother and sister visited the MAKESHOP several times. They created a couple of interesting projects. What was really interesting was the amount of times they visited the MAKESHOP in one day. They continued to work on their projects on and off throughout the day. The younger brother worked on an “on-going” sculpture that posed a lot of design and balance challenges. By the end of th
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During one of our open woodworking sessions, a young girl approached me and explained that she wanted to build an hour glass. I asked her why she wanted to build that specific project. She told me about how her younger brother broke the hour glass from one of her board games. She was hoping to create a new one in the MAKESHOP. I told her that I have never built an hour glass before, but I was really excited to try. W
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Introducing…The Hana-Occupier

I love the experiences with visitors who spend a worthwhile time in the MAKESHOP and get everyone thinking about what can be made with a few simple materials and some teamwork.  My most experience was with Arthur and his dad, Andrew, and their creation the “Hana-Occupier.” We’ve been collaborating with visitors to create their own circuit blocks and AA battery packs.  We provide visitors with lights
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FRIDAY! The Solar Sewing Rover and Artist P.Nosa

August 12 from 1:00-4:30 The Solar Sewing Rover is a portable sewing machine table powered by a solar panel or a bicycle electric generator, built and operated by artist Paul Nosa, of Tucson, AZ. With the ability to sew designs at any time and any location, he began traveling around, asking people to give him scenarios, using five-words-or-less. It has become his mission to help people use their creativity, provide a
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Sewing Circuits

Another Sunday another new project to play around with at the Museum.  No more woodworking in the Shop for now, back to electricity.  Electricity mixed with sewing.  I love it when different projects mix different themes and ideas.  The project for the day was creating fabric bracelets with with light up LED’s. A great group of kids signed up for the first workshop of the day; Joyce, Paul, Daniel and their Dad.
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