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Sewing Circuits

Another Sunday another new project to play around with at the Museum.  No more woodworking in the Shop for now, back to electricity.  Electricity mixed with sewing.  I love it when different projects mix different themes and ideas.  The project for the day was creating fabric bracelets with with light up LED’s. A great group of kids signed up for the first workshop of the day; Joyce, Paul, Daniel and their Dad.
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Woodturning Workshops in the MakeShop!

This Saturday, July 23rd, see demonstrations of woodturning by professional woodworker Linda Van Gehuchten AND try the lathe yourself: 1:00 – Woodturning Demo by Linda 1:30, 2:30 and 3:30 – Sign up for a Woodturning Workshop to turn and color your own pen on the lathe. Workshops will last 45 minutes and are open to visitors ages 7 and up only.  Sign ups are required in the MakeShop and space is limited. I
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WHOA: Robot Band

I’m so excited today because I heard from Matt Steinke, the genius behind the robotic music of Octant, who wants to perform here at the Museum! “Octant can be described as a one-man band featuring mainly acoustic robotic musical instruments that back me up like a player piano as I sing. It is my ongoing solo musical project that incorporates a great deal of my visual art and music.” – Matt Ste
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Fifth Period: Shop Class

Every Sunday I find myself venturing into the MakeShop just to see what’s going on.  Lately we’ve been allowing visitors to experiment and build using wood.  Visitors are able to create whatever kind of project they want using our tools and materials. First off, visitors are asked to draw up a blueprint of their project.  Visualizing your project is incredibly important.  From there visitors are able to s
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Made at MakeShop!

Here are some of my favorite highlights from the first week of MakeShop! Hopefully we’ll be getting more visitor-submitted photos soon to add to our growing collection over at Flickr! A wooden grasshopper. Or was it cricket? Either way, it was awesome! The airplane “Kindness” That is one hefty looking car. Or tank. TV-themed puppet-theater booth! Sky’s beautiful birdhouse Carson and his car
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WoodShop Begins

It’s been quite a change, moving from the malleable and forgiving materials of SewShop to the hard-bodied solidity of wood, and making the adjustment from electrical-powered sewing machines to a cadre of hand-powered tools. Already with WoodShop I am discovering a completely different kind of reaction to the tools and materials we’re using. Hammers and nails are nearly ubiquitous, and most visitors are aw
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