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Made at MakeShop!

Here are some of my favorite highlights from the first week of MakeShop! Hopefully we’ll be getting more visitor-submitted photos soon to add to our growing collection over at Flickr! A wooden grasshopper. Or was it cricket? Either way, it was awesome! The airplane “Kindness” That is one hefty looking car. Or tank. TV-themed puppet-theater booth! Sky’s beautiful birdhouse Carson and his car
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WoodShop Begins

It’s been quite a change, moving from the malleable and forgiving materials of SewShop to the hard-bodied solidity of wood, and making the adjustment from electrical-powered sewing machines to a cadre of hand-powered tools. Already with WoodShop I am discovering a completely different kind of reaction to the tools and materials we’re using. Hammers and nails are nearly ubiquitous, and most visitors are aw
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Some Reflections on SewShop

Last week we wrapped up SewShop, sorted through all the scrap fabric, put the bear-repair teddies out of their misery and put our sewing machines back in storage (for now). Many of the visitors (not just the youngest ones!) were completely new to the world of sewing and textile manipulation. Quite a few had never cut fabric before, never held a needle, never even thought to examine the seams inside their clothes! Of
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Team building through prototyping

There was a lot going on in the MakeShop last week.  My favorite moments occurred during an hour or so spent with a group of really fun kids.  We all started out as individuals working on individual projects.  Three of the kids; Zeph, Scott and Zach, were very interested in taking things apart.  The three of them all seemed very open minded about the process of taking something apart.  I believe it was that collectiv
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MakeShop tour May 14th

Zach A and I made this video on Saturday May 14th to show off the MakeShop space.  MakeShop is coming along nicely.  We look forward to adding more and more opportunities for making in the future. The space currently has four different stations.  The first station you will see in the video is Take Apart, where you can use different screwdrivers to take apart broken electronics.  The second station is the Fabrication
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A broken device is not always entirely broken or: What happens when you take something apart?

I’m going to start this post out by saying that Stephen was one of the most interesting visitors I’ve ever met at the Museum.  He literally spent the entire day tinkering with things in the MakeShop.  He spent some time with his dad playing around with our circuit blocks.  He seemed incredibly enthusiastic about everything in the space.  His excitement seemed to escalate when I told him that we had some b
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