Educator Events

Educator Boot Camp

Over the summer MAKESHOP held a week long “bootcamp” for educators, including teachers, librarians and other community members. This was a week long professional development that coupled discussions with hands-on workshops. The educators learned how to sew, build circuits, tinker, explore and question. They learned about the importance of clamps and how to create simple computer programs. As a final activ
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Learning from teachers

We don’t just serve children at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, we are also a resource for teachers.  We offer many professional development workshops for teachers.  Recently, we held a workshop to discuss the different options for early childhood educators to use the Museum.  We offered teachers an opportunity to reflect on certain areas of the Museum and how these exhibits could be utilized as a co
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Making Teachers Into Makers

The MakeShop team recently hosted a teacher professional development workshop at the  Regional Arts Education Day.  Our main goal was to engage teachers in the design process to explore different ways that it can be applied, specifically how it can be applied to classrooms and instructional planning. The teachers were briefed on what exactly the MakeShop is and what it strives to do.  We also described our model of t
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