The weekend after Thanksgiving can be really, really busy at the Museum, so we decided to try something a little different with our visitors in MAKESHOP.  The entire exhibit was cleared to make space for several forts.  We split the exhibit space into four separate, specifically themed fort building areas.  We also provided a walk way for visitors and strollers to navigate.  The themes of the four forts were a
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The Museum can be a very busy place around the holidays.  We generally try to have themed or special programming for our visitors to enjoy.  The weekend after Thanksgiving, we decided to let the visitors build forts in MAKESHOP. The picture above is a good example of how we typically get ready for a weekend full of special programming in MAKESHOP.  It always helps to draw out some kind of floor plan for the space.  P
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Ready to Glow!

Every month we have a different theme, putting in activities that are new and different. December’s theme is GLOW. We’re preparing a whole lot of new activities like blacklight drawing and glowing putty, and keeping in some favorites like light painting and stop motion!  We might even have real glowing mushrooms (proven non-toxic non-poisonous.) There will also be GLOW activities in the STUDIO, as well as
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Stop Motion Inspiration

This month, MAKESHOP is focusing on activities that relate to a theme of “time,” so we’ve fixed up our homemade stop motion animation station to be better than ever! Whether you’re new to stop motion, were inspired by one of the full-length movies that came out this year (The Pirates! Band of Misfits, ParaNorman, or Frankenweenie) or are in the season for an annual re-watching of the 1993 clas
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Light Painting Tests

Each month, our staff decides on a theme to help us decide what projects and activities we want to offer to our visitors. Our November theme is “Time” and we’ve been messing around in the shop, brainstorming some fun, open-ended activities that emphasize the idea of time passing. We knew we wanted to do some light painting, so we started playing with our cameras, moving bright lights around in front
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Animation in the MAKESHOP

Each month, MAKESHOP decides on a theme to help us pick and develop activities. This month our theme is “time.” Stop-motion animation takes time to experience.  It also lets you manipulate the timing of pictures, so we decided to do some stop-motion animation this month. Our stop-motion machine got a little bit of an upgrade.  The controls are still housed in a take-out container from the Big Red Room Caf
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