Adapted Tools

In MAKESHOP we believe in offering “real stuff” to everybody in our maker space, regardless of age, but not every space does this. Part of the problem is that some tools aren’t meant for the hands of a six year old, and using an adult-sized tool can be difficult and dangerous. Luckily, using some of these same real tools, we can make modifications to improve grip, and ultimately, safety. A rasp like
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At Home with Making

Do you know how MAKESHOP started? It didn’t just open it’s doors and look like the way it does now. The road to MAKESHOP is a long story itself, but I bring up history to raise an important question: If you don’t happen to have a museum, where do you make things? Let’s talk about making at home. What do you need to start? In MAKESHOP we have staff, tools, materials, furniture and lots of curio
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