We love to try new things, and we heard you wanted a way to spend more time here — so this August we’re running our first-ever summer camp, for kids ages 10-12. Join us for five days (Aug 18-Aug 22) to get your MAKESHOP fill before school starts back up. There will be a little bit of everything: electronics, sewing, woodworking… and a few surprises, too, of course! For more details and updated infor
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Volunteer MAKESHOP Technicians

A couple of weeks ago we started a special, 8-track scarf on the loom in MAKESHOP.  One of the days during this project fell on a snow for local Pittsburgh schools.  Typically when a snow day happens we tend to get an older clientele than we usually get on a weekday.  This particular day found two boys whose sole purpose during this visit to the Museum was to work on the loom. They literally worked on the loom that d
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Tinkering and Making in Museums Hangout

February 13 at 11:00 PST (that’s 2:00 EST for our fellow Pittsburghers) a group of museum professionals is getting together on the internet to talk and answer questions related to making and tinkering in our institutions. This hangout is part of the Making and Tinkering in Museums Community of Practice (CoP). You don’t have to be a member to participate in the hangout, although everyone is welcome to join
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8-Track Scarf

We have a loom in MAKESHOP and we typically let visitors add to scarves made with different colors of yarn.  It is really cool to have a machine like our loom in MAKESHOP that people can interact with while contributing to a larger project.  Every once and a while we try a little experiment with our loom.  Whether that’s dying the yarn, weaving with plastic or electrical wires or simply changing the width of th
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MAKEnight 12/12/13

More than 120 adults showed up to drink, solder, make wreaths, create light-up cards and hang out at MAKEnight on December 12! Join us for the next MAKEnight on February 6, 2014, and join our 21+ event mailing list to get updates when tickets go on sale. Have ideas or suggestions about activities and things we should do for future events? Leave a comment, or send us an email!  
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Join us for MAKEnight (21+)

Drink, eat, and make with us in the museum during MAKEnight, a special after-hours event for adults.   Experiment with making wreaths using different types of materials Try your hand at soldering to create your own wire sculpture or ornament Design and decorate holiday cards using LED lights Sip on specialty holiday cocktails provided by Wigle Whiskey and delicious local beer from Penn Brewery  Snack on tasty treats
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