Exciting News

The MakeShop space is currently being renovated and the exhibit will open on October 22.  Please visit this blog for more details!  We will be posting staff biographies, pictures and a sneak peak at what the new exhibit will look like.
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An experiment with physics.

While cleaning out the MakeShop closet I stumbled upon several large plastic and cardboard tubes.  Apparently these simple objects were enough to inspire some real creativity from two girls.  It was funny, I our Executive Director, Jane, actually asked the two what they were planning on doing with the tubes?  They immediately told her that they were going to build something that would allow a wooden ball to travel al
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Kids Making…Adults Playing

A family came into the MakeShop on Thursday and spent quite a lot of time making projects.  Well…The kids made projects, the adults just played.  The kdis worked on two amazing projects that were designed and created by them with no instruction at all.  One was a wooden boat and the other was a stuffed doll.  Both projects were incredible, the two kids utilized everything they could find in the Shop. At the sam
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The Power Flower and Curious Creatures

David Edwards visited the MakeShop a couple of days ago.  He brought along his Power Flower; which is essentially a large, solar powered sculpture in the shape of a giant, metallic flower.  This is a very impressive piece of artwork and it really caught people’s attention when they set foot in the Shop. Dave also brought along with him, what he calls, his Curious Creatures.  These are little bug and mice-like c
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I learned a lot about gears today.

I started putting out a lot of random objects for people to make things out of; wood, wheels, old computer parts and gears.  A Dad and his Son experimented a lot with the gears and a motor I had also put out.  What they were doing really caught my attention.  They had attached one big gear to the motor and the Dad was demonstrating how he could turn other gears with the motorized one.  He started adding different siz
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Graduate Students invade the Shop

Last Wednesday we decided to let a bunch of Graduate Students, from the Katz School of Business at the University of Pitt, come play in the Museum after we closed to the public.  They had a lot of fun. There were all sorts of projects and games to entertain them, the MakeShop served as a boat building factory.  Basically, the students were split into teams and each team had to construct a boat using simple materials
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