Let the Materials do the Talking…Let the Kids Teach.

I have to first give credit to Mandy, Laura and Finn for inpsiring this post.  Thanks guys… First things first, taking things apart is a lot of fun.  I’ve discussed this idea in previous posts.  To take something apart is to learn how something works; plain and simple.  Using working components from a broken object and repurposing them is such a fun activity.  Those two ideas, taking something apart and r
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New Motto: Motorize Everything

Well, we decided to test out our old Brush Bots (which are, essentially, motorized brushes that scoot about the floor) with out any suprvision from the staff.  Basically, we let the visitors play with them however they wanted.  It turns out that our Bots were not tough enough to survive an entire day with our visitors. Back to the drawing board… The MakeShop Interns and I decided to try and make the Bots toughe
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Working with what we have or: Becoming a MakeShop Scavenger

Daniel, a regular visitor to the Museum, helped me realize that you can seriously start to develop an entirely new project right on the Museum floor in front of visitors and staff alike.  The Curcuit blocks are back and Electricity is the Theme of the MakeShop currently.  For about two hours on Sunday Physics and Prototyping became the main attraction, at least for Daniel and I.  This entire Experiment was spurred on
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Sewing Circuits, Part 2

On Tuesday, Pei and I hoped to replicate the success of last Sunday’s workshops. We soon realized, however, that it was a beautiful day outside — after so many unpleasantly hot and sticky ones — and the attendance rate of the museum was therefore lower than we had anticipated, as all of Pittsburgh was busy enjoying the novelty of not having to swim through the humidity in the air. By the time 1pm ro
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Fifth Period: Shop Class

Every Sunday I find myself venturing into the MakeShop just to see what’s going on.  Lately we’ve been allowing visitors to experiment and build using wood.  Visitors are able to create whatever kind of project they want using our tools and materials. First off, visitors are asked to draw up a blueprint of their project.  Visualizing your project is incredibly important.  From there visitors are able to s
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Meet the Makers

We’ve been bringing in talented guest makers over the past few months to fulfill our promise for MakeShop to be a place where YOU can “make alongside some of the coolest indie crafters, hackers and inventors in the city”.  In case you missed them, here are some of our recent guests: Jen Primack of Upcycled Designs created headbands, wallets and more with visitors and showed off her incredible line o
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